Hey everyone, BIG news!
Our humble little community-radio radio rasclat has become official part of infamous documenta 15. During the last month we set up our booth at the RURU-HAUS in the heart of Kassel and i’ve teamed up with some of the coolest people to bring you the epic VOID a show about nothing and everything – broadcasting every saturday 09pm-00pm.

Imagine a decentralised living room where you can sit back, relax and enjoy conversations about everything and nothing, driven by casual critical thinking, enveloped by DJ Sets and live performances that reflect contemporary approaches to sound as an artistic medium and cultural statement.

This is the epic VOID – hosted by

Anna Ptasinska
is a Polish-born South African residing in Berlin. Having recently completed her Master’s Degree in Convergent Journalism (graduated cum laude). Her professional experience consists of content writing, strategic planning, marketing, content curation, PR and research (both quantitative and qualitative). In her spare time you’ll find her trying to figure out how to code. She is a firm believer that knowledge is her currency and storytelling is the trade.

Elise Luong
is an Australian-born French-Vietnamese arts manager residing in Hanoi. After graduating from a BFA in Photography and Video Arts in Belgium, she currently works in the fields of contemporary art, architecture and journalism, as a writer, editor, events manager, program curator and communication designer. Co-founder of Undecided Productions that is concerned with creating production & dissemination opportunities for young artists.

Philipp Merkelbach aka Rollercoaster Kai
Is a German interdisciplinary Artist and DJ residing in Kassel. As an artist he is interested in the mechanisms of perception, memory and consciousness, the ontological realities underlying the world and how they might be interconnected. He also explores the role of the DJ, not as an entertainer but as a curator, a historian, a librarian reading from an alternative history book in a nonlinear manner.